My services

Due to the momentarily situation I offer psychotherapy via telephone and online video chat; partial reimburstement by insurance is possible!

At my practice in Vienna’s 2nd district, close to Praterstern & Augarten, I offer support in difficult situations, psychotherapy, self-awareness, couples therapy and Brainspotting, as well as online coaching via video chat.

Together we work on your consisting or emerging topics and concerns. The psychotherapeutic process is awareness based. It develops individually and at a different pace for every client. Therefore it cannot be designed or foreseen at any given point due to the uniqueness of each person.

At the start of a psychotherapy I will ask which personal therapy goals you have. These goals are worked on and can sometimes change with time, therefore throughout therapy they may be reflected upon and adjusted accordingly. Based on your needs, the therapy ends when it feels right for you.

Psychotherapy is, by law, confidential. This means, within therapy you can find a safe space to talk about your concerns.

If you are interested, here you can find more information on my general framework, as well as on reimbursement by insurance.

Since I value diversity I work in various areas, which include:

Alternative lifestyles
activism, open relationship(s), polyamory, vegetarianism, veganism

Anxiety and Fear
anxiety in general, general fears, social anxiety

body image, bodywork, neurodivergency, psychosomatics

Personality disorders
bipolar personality (manic-depressive), emotionally unstable personality (borderline subtype, impulsive subtype)

Preventive psychotherapy
burnout prevention, imaginations (positive inner pictures), relaxation, self-awareness / personality development, self-confidence, stress management, stress prevention

Regeneration and Rehabilitation
burnout, childhood (younger inner parts), crisis and crisis interventiondepression, obsessive-compulsiveness, stress, substance use vs. abuse vs. addiction, suizid / suicidal thoughts, trauma (brainspotting), violence and experience of violence (emotional, physical, sexualized violence)

belonging, boundaries, divorce, friendship, jealousy, marriage, partnership, seperation

Sexuality and Sexual orientation
kink-aware-professional, LGBTIQ+ topics

Sleep and Dream
difficulties falling and staying asleep, working with dreams