Why Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is supportive in many different aspects of life.

It helps those who…
…would like to know themselves better.
…wish to understand why, in certain situations, they react the way they do.
…wish to gain insight into and/or change their way of thinking and/or relationship patterns.
…want support when making difficult decisions or in a difficult phase of life.
…often experience difficulties falling or staying asleep.
…often experience fear or anxiousness with or without knowing why.
…are often sad with or without knowing why.
…are often under pressure to perform.
…often feel lonely or alone.
…are often unhappy or unsatisfied generally or in specific situations.
…show physical symptoms without medical reason.
…often feel insecure.
…often are torn between two or more sides or feelings.
…wish for someone to openly talk with.
…would like to be more in control of their way of consuming certain substances (for example alcohol, cannabis, or others) or would like to change or stop their way of using.
…want or need to deal with traumatic experiences.

Furthermore psychotherapy helps those diagnosed with mental health issues.

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